PerioPal Bridge

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Program Links. Double-click on PerioPal in the list.

PerioPal is voice activated software for periodontal examinations. The PerioPal website is no longer available.

To enable the bridge:

  1. Check the Enabled box.
  2. Verify the Path of file to open.
  3. Set up a clickable bridge button.
    1. Under Add a button to these toolbars, highlight where to display the button.
    2. Enter the Text on button.
    3. (Optional) Import an image to show on the button (22 x 22 pixels).
  4. If using clinics, click Hide Button for Clinics. Select which clinics the button should display on.
  5. Click OK.

Technical Details

The bridge uses a command line as follows:

[Application Path]/PerioPal "PtChart;PtName;PtBday;PtMedAlert;"

Where :

[Application Path ] Usually = C{\Program Files\PerioPal\

Pt Chart = AlphaNumeric Chart number from the Office Management System

PtName = Patients Last, First Middle Init

PtBday is the Patient Birthdate in any Microsoft Access compatible date format

Pt MedAlert is a Y or N .