Auto Note Setup

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Auto Notes.

Auto Notes are templates used to insert large complex notes that you enter frequently in various text boxes throughout Open Dental. In addition to static text, prompts can offer a selection of responses or the ability to enter text.

All auto notes currently setup will list, organized in tree view.

To create or reorder folders, see Definitions: Auto Note Categories.

To move an auto note to a different folder, select the auto note then drag it to another folder.

Export: Click to open the Auto Note Export window. See Below.

Import: Click to select a json file of auto notes exported from another database to be imported.

Note: Imported Auto Notes will not retain folder organization. It may be required to re-add them to folders as desired.

Create Auto Notes

On the Auto Notes window, click Add, or double-click on an existing auto note to edit.

The current text in the note is on the left. Prompts within the note are indicated by [Prompt:""].

Name: Enter an identifying name for the auto note.

Text: Enter the static text of the auto note.

Available Prompts: All prompts currently setup list here. To insert a prompt, position the cursor in the Text field at the point of insertion, highlight the prompt, then click Insert.

Create or Edit Prompts

In the Auto Note Edit window, click Add to create a new prompt, or double-click an existing prompt to edit.

Description: Identifying name of the prompt.

Type: There are three types of prompts:

Prompt text: The text that will indicate what information is requested. There is a 50 character limit. Prompts longer than 50 characters can be entered in the Text field of the Auto Note Edit window.

Possible responses: For OneReponse or MultiResponse types only. Enter one response option per row.

Default Text: For Text types only. The default text that will show as the response. May leave blank. Users will be able to edit as needed.

Auto Note Response: For OneResponse only. Useful when an auto note can be used for multiple scenarios.

Up/Down: Quickly reorder the list. Click an item then click up or down.

Export Auto Notes

In the Auto Notes window, it is possible to move your saved auto notes between databases using the Export and Import buttons.

All auto notes currently setup will list, organized in tree view.

Select which Auto Notes to export by checking the boxes on the left.

Click Export Selected and choose a location to save the exported auto notes as a json file.