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Web Forms: Retrieve Submitted Forms

Once a patient submits Web Forms, they can be retrieved.

  • Forms are matched to patients using last name, first name, birthdate, email address, and phone number.
  • Retrieved forms are viewable in the patient's Chart module and Forms window. 
  • Only 20 web forms can be retrieved at one time. 
  1. In the main menu, click Tools, Web Forms. 

All web forms that have already been retrieved, for the date range, are listed. If you change the date, click Refresh to update the list.

  • To view or edit a retrieved form, or restore a web form that was deleted from a patient's chart, double click it (see Filling Out Sheets).
  • To view all of the patient's Forms, right click on the row then click View this patient's forms.
  1. Click Retrieve New Forms. Open Dental will attempt to automatically attach each retrieved web form to an existing patient.
    • Initially Open Dental will attempt to match a patient based on last name, first name, birthdate.
    • If only one exact match is found, the web form will be automatically retrieved.
    • If there is more than one match, email address and phone number will also be considered. If at least one phone number or email address matches any phone number or email address on file, the web form will be retrieved. If neither phone nor email has a match, you will be prompted to pick a patient or skip retrieval.
    • If there is no match at all, you will be prompted to pick a patient or skip retrieval.

When there is no automatic match for a web form, this form will show. The web form's last name, first name, and birthdate show at the top. Any closely matching patient results list under Close Matches.

  1. You have several options:
    To view a read-only version of the submitted form, click Preview.
    To attach the form to one of the close matches, double click the row.
    To attach the form to a different existing patient, click Select, then Select the Patient.
    To create a new patient using the submitted information, click New. When using Clinics, the patient's clinic will be set to the clinic associated to the web form (&CID=). See Upload Web Forms.
    To skip retrieval of this web form, click Skip.
    To cancel retrieval of all web forms, click Cancel.

Web forms that are successfully received are permanently deleted from the Open Dental web server.
To import submitted data into the database, see Import Patient Forms and Medical Histories.
If a duplicate patient is created, Merge Patients.


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