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Customize a Screening Form Using Sheets

Screening forms used during Public Health Screenings can be customized using sheets. Also see Screening Patients using a Custom Form.

Enable the Preference
For custom screening sheets to be available during public health screenings, enable the preference..

  1. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Chart, Chart Preferences.
  2. Check the option 'Screenings use Sheets'.

If there are no custom screening sheets, the internal sheet will be used. Uncheck the preference to use the classic screening form instead.

Customize the Screening Sheet

  1. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Sheets.
  2. Copy a screening sheet or create a new one.
    - Highlight the internal Screening sheet and click Copy.  Then double click the custom screening. 
    - Click New and create a new sheet with a Screening type. 
    - Double click an existing custom screening to edit it.
    - Highlight an existing custom screening then click Duplicate to copy it.

Below is a copy of the internal screening sheet.

  1. Change the sheet as needed, then click OK to save.
    Edit Properties
    Add or edit Sheet Elements and Options.

Useful Screening Elements:
Assessment Proc checkbox: If checked during a screening, a completed procedure for code D0191 (assessment of a patient) will be added to the patient's chart.

Fluoride Proc checkbox: If checked during a screening, a completed procedure for code D1206 (topical application of fluoride varnish) will be added to the patient's chart.

Combo boxes: Pick lists that allow the screener to select one option from a list of choices. Five combo boxes exist on the internal screening sheet: Gender, Place of Service, Urgency, Race/Ethnicity, and Grade Level. Options can be reordered, added, or removed.

ScreenCharts: Tooth charts of posterior teeth. Two tooth charts are available and each can be set for primary or permanent teeth:

  • ChartSealantTreatment: To mark current tooth status including treatment needed.
  • ChartSealantComplete: To mark sealants that are complete.

Double click on a chart to set the teeth to permanent or primary.

When sealant code is entered (S) to a chart with permanent teeth, a matching sealant procedure is added to the patient's chart with the corresponding status. Below is ChartSealantTreatment tooth chart as it looks during a screening. Simply click on a tooth or surface to select a code.


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