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Selecting Patients  

The name of the currently selected patient shows in the upper left title bar of Open Dental. There are several ways to change patients. Moving between modules does not change the patient. 

'Select Patient' toolbar button

  1. In the main Toolbar, click Select Patient. 

  1. Double click on the patient row to select. The patient record will open in whatever module you began in.
  • Select Patient grid: By default, only one page of patients lists in the grid at once. Names are sorted alphabetically by last name. The columns of information are customizable in Display Fields. To filter the list, enter criteria in the Search by area. You can search by one or many criteria, and enter information by typing or using the keypad. 
  • Search by:  Filter the results by Patient Information. Search returns exact matches to the top of the results grid, followed by remaining approximate matches.
    • First Name: By default this field searches patient first name only. To also search preferred name, see Miscellaneous Setup.
    • Billing Type: Options are defined in Definitions, Billing Types.
    • Site: Options are defined in Sites.
    • Clinic: If using Clinics, filter the list to patients who are associated to a specific clinic as well as patients who are 'unassigned'. Patients are considered 'associated' if the clinic is their default or if they have any appointments in the clinic. The default selection is the clinic selected in the Main Menu.
  • Refresh by Typing: If checked, as you type criteria the patient list will automatically refresh with matching results. If unchecked, enter the criteria, then click Search to see results. The setting affects this workstation only. 
  • Get All: Click Get All to list all patients and activate the vertical scrollbar. Next Visit and/or Last Visit dates will not be visible when all patients are listed.
  • Add New Family: If a patient record doesn't exist, you can add a new patient record. At a minimum you must search by last name to verify no record exists. Birth dates entered on select patient window automatically carry over when adding new patient(s).

Select Patient Dropdown
Another way to select a patient is by clicking the Select Patient dropdown in the main Toolbar. The last five patients selected will show, as well as all family members associated with the current patient. Click on a name to select.

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