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Version 20.2

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Version 20.2 was released on 07/20/2020.

This version is notably smaller than normal. Most of 20.2 was developed during COVID-19. As a result, our team focused more on larger features that would benefit our customers during this time.


  • HTML Raw editing available for eService emails. HTML Email
  • Changed navigation from a dropdown menu to a list for eServices Setup. eServices Setup
  • Send mass emails. Mass Email Feature
  • Open Dental Mobile. Open Dental Mobile (Also available in 20.1)
  • Arrival messages makes it easier to check patients in from their car. Arrivals (Also available in 20.1)


  • Date limitation added to Payment Create permission. Permissions
  • Added security setting to allow users to edit their own time card in the current pay period. Global Security Settings
  • Added security setting for clinic users to maintain selected patient when logging off. Global Security Settings


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