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Version 20.2

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Version 20.2 is currently in Beta. Features will be added to this list as they are completed.

This version is notably smaller than normal. Most of 20.2 was developed during COVID-19. As a result, our team focused more on larger features that would benefit our customers during this time.


  • HTML Raw editing available for eService emails. HTML Email
  • Changed navigation from a dropdown menu to a list for eServices Setup. eServices Setup
  • Send mass emails. Mass Email Feature
  • Open Dental Mobile. Open Dental Mobile (Also available in 20.1)
  • Arrival messages makes it easier to check patients in from their car. Arrivals (Also available in 20.1)


  • Date limitation added to Payment Create permission. Permissions
  • Added security setting to allow users to edit their own time card in the current pay period. Global Security Settings
  • Added security setting for clinic users to maintain selected patient when logging off. Global Security Settings


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