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Version 15.1

See Versions.

Version 15.1 was released on 5/5/2015.


Central Enterprise Management Tool: Run the annual Production and Income Report from multiple databases at once. Central Enterprise Management Tool

Web Sched: New eService allows patients to schedule recall appointments online. Sign up is required and there is a monthly fee. Web Sched

E-mail: Send standard encrypted e-mail. Standard Encrypted E-mail

Patient Portal: Enhanced user interface improves patient experience using the portal. Patient Portal: What the Patient Sees

  • Patients can view their payments and statements.
  • Patients can change their own password.
  • EHR summary of care is automatically sent to the patient portal when a patient is referred to another provider. Referrals
  • Automatic log-off after a period of inactivity.

Reports: Daily Payment report can be sorted by insurance payment type. Improved backend for many reports using the complex report system. Daily Payments Report, Complex Report System

Statements: Customize statements using Sheets (must be enabled). New features include the ability to remove or add content including aging amounts and payment plans, add payment information fields, customize where practice name and address are located, and customize notes (size, content). Customize Statements Using Sheets.

Direct Messaging: Register public key certificates with Open Dental for Direct messaging. Public Certificate Hosting

HL7: Technical guide details inbound and outbound message types supported by Open Dental. Open Dental HL7 Interface Specifications manual (PDF)

Minor Changes:
The appointment view active when a user logs out will reload when user next logs on. Appointments
New WebMail button in the toolbar. Toolbar
Database update security enhanced. Update
Enter an original date estimate for a prosthesis on 5010 claims. Edit Procedure Info
eRx button turns red when prescription information fails to update. Electronic Rx
New tool to change secondary provider. Provider List
EmailSend and WebmailSend security permissions allow/block users from sending unsecure email. Permissions
UserQueryAdmin security permission allows/block users from running SQL commands. Permissions
Assignment of Benefits (InsPlanChangeAssign) security permission. Permissions
Import of 2015 CPT codes allowed. Code System Importer
Code system importer reports how many codes downloaded. Code System Importer
Wiki List revision history. Wiki Lists
Font button added to Wiki Edit window. Wiki Add/Edit
Primary and secondary insurance carrier automatically updated when appointments created or insurance plan is dropped or added. Edit Appointment
New filter for the confirmation list only shows appointments scheduled more than two months from the list start date. Confirmation List
Send Claims window loads more quickly. Send Claims
Filter sent and received claims on the Send Claims window. Send Claims window
Image module audit trail details when a document is created, moved, edited, or deleted. Images
New security login preference requires manual typing of user name instead of selection from a list. Security, Logging On/Off
Prioritize tasks in a task list. Tasks
Mark tasks 'Done' from the Progress Notes. Chart Module
Enhancements to 'Done' status for tasks. Tasks
Note text boxes on the Edit Schedule and Edit Blockout windows support quick paste notes and spell check. Text Boxes with Right Click Options
Enhancements to Ortho chart audit trail. Ortho Chart
Electronic Dental Society (EDS) clearinghouse for electronic benefits. E-benefits
SMARTDent bridge. SMARTDent
Panoramic Corp bridge. Panoramic
Bridge to Office documents. Microsoft Office/Open Office
Reorder Appointment Types. Appointment Types
Web Form interface enhancements. Web Forms: What the Patient Sees
Mobile Web interface enhancements. Using the Mobile Web
Default pay period span is 14 days. Time Card Setup
Preference to alphabetize problems in the master Problem List. Problem Master List
Maximum appointment bubble note length can be adjusted. Appointment Module Preferences
Bridge to VixWin Numbered Mode (version 15.1.17 or greater). VixWin (Numbered)

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