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Foreign Countries - Programming Claim Forms

Many International Customers would like to create their own claim forms that do not include CDT codes. We can help you, though it will involve altering the source code, and you programming a new class.

Here are some basic guidelines if you would like to create your own claim form.

  1. Send a request to us at vendor.relations@opendental.com.
  2. We will create one new class (renamed copy of aTemplateForeignClaims.cs) for both paper and e-claims.
  3. We will add an item to enumeration EclaimsCommBridge.
  4. We will add the code to call the functions of the new class.
  5. We will add it to the development version, and backport it to beta.
  6. We will notify you when the class becomes part of the Source Code so you can download it.
  7. You will hardcode the printing logic and the background image location (OpenDentImages folder) directly in the code. You will own this class. When it is programmed to your liking, email it to us.

In all cases, it's best to follow our coding styles and patterns, but we won't enforce it.

Open Dental Software 1-503-363-5432