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Learning Resources

Open Dental is easy to use, but we always recommend utilizing all our available tools to get the most out of your software experience. Our learning resources cover every skill level, save you time, and ensure proper software usage to reduce mistakes.

Also see Training Resources.


Webinars are free online workshops performed by certified Open Dental trainers and open to participants internationally. Register for live webinars or watch prerecorded webinars now. See Webinars for a list of topics and dates, and to register.

  • For users new to Open Dental, start with our Open Dental Basics Webinar. Register for a live webinar or watch the prerecorded video.
  • Our webinars page features short videos that answer some of our most commonly asked questions, including updating, procedure buttons, troubleshooting claims and more.
  • Topics range from basic to advanced.

Web Manual

Use the online web manual to find answers to your questions about the software. The web manual provides in depth how-to steps for the entire software. The manual is searchable and updated frequently to provide the most recent information. The online manual always reflects the most recent beta version of the software.

A good place to start is on the Using Open Dental pages. Choose one depending on if you had a data conversion or are starting with a blank database.

Online Communities and Resources

The following are helpful community resources you can use for open discussion with other Open Dental users as well as feedback from Open Dental employees.

  • Open Dental Blog
    • Tips and tricks.
    • Guest posts.
    • Company updates.
  • Newsletter
    • Tips and tricks.
    • New feature highlights.
    • Community happenings.
    • Internal progress.
  • User Forum
    • Advanced topics for technical users.
    • Community of other Open Dental Software users.
    • Questions and answers.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
    • Updates, announcements.
  • YouTube
    • Watch helpful videos that include webinars, introduction to Open Dental, and new version overviews.
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