See Network and Computer Setup.

Open Dental works well over a wireless connection with minimal slowdown. There are no special requirements for setting up the program in a wireless environment as long as you understand the advantages and disadvantages of wireless as described below.

The usual way of wiring a dental office is with Cat6 cables. The connection will be faster, more reliable, more secure, and easier to set up. Many users who think they need wireless would actually do better to use wires.

When Wireless is Useful

You might consider wireless if you are in a temporary situation, or the layout of the office does not lend itself to wires. Wireless connections also work well if used in addition to wired connections, for example for a few mobile computers. Wireless can sometimes be difficult to install, especially if any of your wireless equipment is outdated. If it's all new, you will find the situation easier, but you will probably still need to spend some extra time setting it up. Tablets take advantage of wireless connections as well.

When Cables are Best

If you are going to be in the same location for a long time and there is any possible way to run wires, you should consider it. Wireless poses a security risk which can easily be avoided by running wires. Running cables is just not that hard, and by doing so, you will have a reliable network that will serve you well.