Topaz HSB Model Setup

The Topaz HID USB (HSB) signature pad is our recommended Topaz model for simple Electronic Signatures pad integration. HSB models require fewer permissions than BSB.

First time HSB Topaz pad users will need to install software drivers for their model. See SigPlus Pro website to select your model and download drivers.

Local Use: Use the SigPlus Installation. It will not always be the case that plug and play will work, as it is up to Windows to install the driver and recognize the device automatically. The How-To Guide steps (below) might not be necessary for local use.

Client/Server installation: The SigSock HSB Pad How-to-Guide (PDF) covers the following topics.

The How-To Guide is subject to change and is owned by Topaz Systems Inc.

Note: For remote desktop users, If you are going to turn on the Terminal Services role on your remote desktop server, HSB models will not work. The HSB model is not recommended for Terminal Services, although it will work with single remote desktop sessions when the Terminal Services role is turned off. Use the Topaz BSB Model Setup instead.