Schedule Graph

A graph of the Schedule is available to give users a visual representation of each provider and employee's work schedule for a single day.

In Schedule Setup, double-click a day. Click the Graph tab.

The graph is divided into 15-minute time segments. A vertical bar indicates the current time.

Date: The upper-left corner shows the selected date. Click the arrows to move forward or back one day.

Search: This function only works from the List tab.

Clinic: Only available when Clinics are enabled in Show Features. Select a clinic to see only schedules for providers/employees assigned to the clinic. If user is restricted to specific clinics, only accessible clinics are listed.

Sort: Choose the order schedules are displayed in the chart (Start Time, Stop Time, or Name).

Filter: Determine what information is displayed on the chart.

Scale: Select the start and end hour to display.

Graph: Notes or holidays are displayed across the entire scale with any text added to the Note field. Provider schedules display the provider abbreviation and any schedule note. Employee schedules display the employee first name and any schedule note.

For instructions on adding notes, holidays, or schedules, see Schedule Edit.

If Delete is clicked from the Graph tab, the entire day's schedule is deleted.