Unearned Allocation Report

In Unearned Income Reports, click Unearned Allocation.

This report shows all families where one or more patients have a prepayment paysplit attached to them with subsequent completed procedures that have a remaining patient portion due.


Show provider column: Determines if Provider Column shows on report.

Exclude families with a net $0.00 unearned income balance: Determines if families where the net unearned income balance is $0.00 are included in the report.

Patients on this report may need to have their Unearned / Prepayments allocated to the listed procedures.

Unearned Types: Select the unearned types to include. Check All to include all unearned types. Unearned types can be set up in Definitions: PaySplit Unearned Types.

Providers: Filter report by patients' primary providers. Check All to include all providers.

Clinics: Filter report by patients' assigned clinic. Check All (Includes hidden) to select all clinics, including those that are hidden, and include patients not assigned to a clinic.

Click OK to generate the report.