Net Unearned Income Report

In the Main Menu, click Reports, Standard Reports. In the Monthly section, click Unearned Income, then Net Unearned Income.

This report shows families with patients that have unearned income payments collected and no unallocated procedures. To account for this unearned income, these patients need to have an appointment scheduled to allocate the payment, or have a refund issued.

Select the Unearned Types to include or check All. Prepayment is the default. Set up additional unearned types in Definitions: PaySplit Unearned Types.

Check Exclude families with a net $0.00 unearned income balance if desired.

Filter Providers and Clinics or check All.

Line Item Unearned Income

This report shows details for all unearned income in a selected date range. The default date range is the previous month.

  1. Select a date range using the From and To calendars.
  2. Filter by Clinic or check All.
  3. Click OK to generate the report.

Unearned Accounts

This report shows a list of all accounts, by guarantor, that have unearned income regardless of any pending work. This helps identify prepayments that have not been allocated.

  1. Filter by Clinic or check All. Results are based on the guarantor's assigned clinic.
  2. Click OK to generate the report.
Amount reflects the total unearned income on the account.