Procedure Button Edit

Set up procedure buttons to quickly chart a group of procedures.

In Procedure Buttons, select a category. Double-click an existing procedure button.

Alternatively, in the Procedure Buttons window, select a category, then click Add to create a new procedure button.

Default procedure buttons are created using Procedure Code Tools. To restore to the defaults, run this tool again.

Enter general button information:

Note: A combination of Procedure Codes and Auto Codes can be added to a button, however if a code is already associated to an auto code, do not also add the procedure (or vice versa) as the procedure will be charted twice.

Click OK to save the procedure button.

Procedure button logic

When entering treatment, you can select multiple teeth before clicking a procedure button. The program will loop through each tooth and repeat the logic.

For example, set up a bridge procedure button:

In the patient's chart:

Since the bridge seat is a tooth range, the program will know to not add it three times to the chart, but only once with all three tooth numbers selected.


Procedure buttons can be used to create four procedures, each with a different quadrant. To trigger this behavior, enter four of the exact same code in the list on the left. For example, D4341, D4341, D4341, D4341. To use, click the procedure button with no tooth selected.

There is no support for a procedure button to create a procedure with a specified quadrant. Instead the quadrant will be assigned based on the tooth selected when the button is clicked. If no tooth is selected, single procedures will default to UR. To trigger this behavior, enter one code in the list on the left. For example, D4341. To use, select a tooth in one or more quadrants and click the procedure button.

You can now also create a Quick Button for a SRP as well (see Quick Buttons above). Create a quick button with SRP in the title, enter D4341 as the code, leave the Surface field blank and click OK. Then select a tooth in the specific quadrant (1,2,3 or all 4 quadrants) and click the Quick Button.