Payment Portal: What Patient Sees

See Payment Portal Setup.

In a web browser, launch the Payment Portal.

The Payment Portal uses a unique link specific to the practice. The URL can be embedded on the practice's website, sent via email, or accessed via Patient Portal.

The screens that display when utilizing Payment Portal vary depending on the patient's choices and the practice's payment processor. Below are various screens a patient may encounter.

Pay Now or Verify and Pay

After entering patient details, patients can make a one-time payment without viewing their balance or can verify their information to view their balance and save their payment method for future use.

Note: If two or more patients have the same name and birthdate (e.g., the office is using the Patient Clone feature), the patient's account number (PatNum) is required.

Pay Now

If Pay Now is selected, the patient is taken to the payment amount screen.

From here, patients can enter their card number and continue with payment. Screens and fields may vary depending on the payment processor.

Verify and Pay

If Pay and Verify is selected, the patient is sent a verification code to the patient information on file.

They can then choose to pay their balance, or a specific amount.

Next, the patient can select from an existing card, or add a new card. For PaySimple users, a bank account can be used as well.

Optionally, patients can delete cards no longer in use.


If a payment is unsuccessful, an error displays. If a payment is successful, a success screen displays and an emailed receipt is sent to the patient. Optionally, patients can print their receipt.