See Troubleshooting.

Logger files are often used when Troubleshooting Slowness or other technical issues. Contact Open Dental Support for assistance with Logger files.

Logger Folders

Logger files are normally found in the file path for the service being logged (e.g., OpenDentalService, OpenDentaleConnector) in a Logger folder. Within the Logger folder there may be additional folders for various processes the service performs. Logger files are located in the dated folders (e.g., 23-11-01)

Logger Files

Logger files are text files that contain information on queries, processes, and errors about a service or a program.

Depending on how the log level of the application/service all information may not be recorded in the Logger. There are generally two log levels:

The log level is generally changed in the config file for the application/service.

Below is a list of Logger files and their locations:

Service/Program Name Default Logger Path Config File Name Verbose Logging
MySQL Service N/A - uses the SlowQueryLog Tool N/A - uses the SlowQueryLog Tool See Slow Query Log
OpenDentalAPIService C:\Program Files (x86)\Open Dental\OpenDentalAPIService\Logger OpenDentalWebConfig.xml Contact Open Dental Support
OpenDentaleConnector C:\Program Files (x86)\ Open Dental\OpenDentalEConnector\Logger OpenDentalWebConfig.xml Contact Open Dental Support
OpenDentalReplicationService C:\Program Files (x86)\ Open Dental\OpenDentalReplicatonService\Logger OpenDentalReplicationServiceConfig.xml Contact Open Dental Support
OpenDentalServer (Middle Tier) C:\Program Files (x86)\Open Dental\Logging OpenDentalServerConfig.xml See Middle Tier Troubleshooting
OpenDentalService C:\Program Files (x86)\Open Dental\OpenDentalService\Logger OpenDentalServiceConfig.xml Contact Open Dental Support