Letter Merge

Letter Merge allows users to create a Word document for a single patient only.

In the Main Toolbar, click the Letter dropdown. Select Merge.

Letter Merge is an old method for patient letters. Consider using the internal Sheets function for a more updated option. Sheets can be used for any patient letter or form and can be customized within Open Dental.

Letter Merge only works with Microsoft Word 2002 or later.

In Open Dental, create the letter from the Letter Merge window. There are four options listed in the Create area.

Note: Keep in mind this is a merge letter for only one patient, so the data file always has only one row of data.

Create a New Letter

  1. In the Letter Merge window, highlight a category, then click Add.
  2. The Edit Letter Merge window opens. Enter each field as needed. See below for a description of each field.
  3. Click New to create a new file template. Word opens a blank document.
  4. Close Word.
  5. In the Letter Merge window, highlight the letter and click Edit Template.
  6. Word opens a blank template, create a data file with one row, and attach the data file to the template as a data source.
  7. In Word, click Mailings, then Start Mail Merge, Letters.
  8. In Word, click Select Recipients, Use an Existing List.
  9. Browse to the Letter Merge path. Select the Data Source to use.
  10. Type the letter. Any place where a merge field is wanted, click Insert Merge Fields. From here, insert fields, set up address fields using the Match Fields button, etc.
  11. Save the template and return to Open Dental. Return here anytime to further edit the template, add more fields, etc.

Edit Letter Merge

Click Add or double-click an existing letter to edit.