CDAnet certified claims can be sent in Canada using the ITRANS claim service from Continovation, Inc. You must be a member of CDA to use ITRANS. Website:

There are three steps to using ITRANS.

  1. Install CDA Digital ID.
  2. Install iTrans (iCA service).
  3. Set up the ITRANS clearinghouse.

Install CDA Digital ID

Also see CDANetLetter.pdf.

  1. On your server, create a new Windows user account (e.g. CDANetUser) and a password for that user which you do not intend to change.
  2. Log off the current user from the server and log in as the new CDANetUser.
  3. Install the CDA Digital ID for each dentist that will be sending electronic claims. FireFox browser does not work on this site. See CDA Digital IDs for detailed instructions.
  4. Log off of the CDANetUser in Windows and log in using a system administrator account.

Install the iCA application as a service

  1. See the most recent iCA executable (these instructions are for Download it and Run as Administrator. The installation window will open. It is best to follow the default settings for the installation.
  2. Click Next.
  3. If you accept the terms, click the radio button, then click Next.
  4. Take note of the information. When ready click Next.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Select Service as the setup type, then click Next.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Install. A status bar will show as the program features are installed.
  10. When installation is complete, a window will notify you. Click Finish.
  11. Share the iCA folder on the network (usually C:/iCA) and set the full control option for the everyone user under the permission section and security section.

Set up the ITRANS Clearinghouse

  1. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Family/Insurance, Clearinghouses.
  2. Double click on ITRANS (CDAnet on older versions of Open Dental).
  3. Set up as follows, then click OK to save.

    Claim Export Path: Enter the UNC path of the iCA Directory folder specified when installing the ITRANS application. This directory must be shared on the network and the everyone user should have full control under the permission section and security section.

    Use Claim Export Path: When checked, will save sent claims to export path.

    Explanation of benefits (EOB) options:

    • Do Not Download EOBs: Do not automatically download EOBs.
    • Download EOBs, Do Not Auto Receive: Automatically download EOBs, but do not automatically receive claim procedures.
    • Download EOBs and Auto Receive: Automatically download EOBs and receive claim procedures using the information provided by the carrier.

    Launch Client Path: You must enter a path to an exe because the field is required. However, the path will not be used to launch ITRANS.

Technical Details of Upload

Files being sent from Open Dental to ITRANS will be named input.### (i.e. input.000, input.001, etc...) and will be placed in the C:\iCA folder on the server by default. To prevent the iCAService from processing input before the input file is finished writing, a temp file is first written in format tempinput.###, then the file is renamed to input.###. File names are cycled through until they reach 999 and then start over at 000. The purpose of the file name incrementing is to prevent transactions of different client machines from colliding while they are being adjudicated. The iCAService first renames the input.### file to _nput.### to prevent the file from being processed more than once. The iCAService then sends the _nput.### file data via a secure SSL connection to ITRANS. The reply comes back in under two minutes as output.### in the same folder. The output.### file is immediately imported into Open Dental, then the output.### and _nput.### files are deleted by Open Dental. If for some reason, you choose to use a different folder to send and receive messages, you must copy ack.tmp and msg.tmp into the new folder. Those two files are used by iCA.

ITRANS certificate expiring: If you receive a notice that your ITRANS certificate is expiring, it must be replaced with CDA Digital IDs and the ITRANS software (iCA) must be upgraded.

For troubleshooting information, see ITRANS Troubleshooting.

Carrier Information

RAMQ: ITRANS is not capable of submitting to RAMQ insurance, therefore Open Dental cannot submit claims to RAMQ at this time.

Alberta Blue Cross (ABC): Versions of iTrans prior to version 4 did not allow for sending electronic claims to ABC. To send claims to ABC, go to Setup, Family / Insurance, Clearinghouses. Double click on Claimstream and remove the payor ID from the bottom.