Insurance Plans Overrides

Override the default Do Not Bill to Ins flag of a procedure on an insurance plan-level.

In a Procedure Code, at the left, click InsPlans Overrides.

The purpose of this window is to override the default setting of the Do Not Bill to Ins checkbox on the Procedure - Financial Tab on an insurance plan level.

Each line entry refers to an individual plan. The number of plan subscribers is indicated under the Subs column. If an override is present, the type is indicated in the NoBillIns Override column.

To narrow or sort the list of plans, enter filter criteria. Matching entries list and information is typed.

Get All: The first 200 results that match filter criteria display. Click to view all results that match.

Show Hidden: Include/exclude plans that have been marked Hidden on the Edit Insurance Plan window

Overrides: Highlight insurance plans and use the buttons below to enable or delete insurance plan overrides.