EHR Syndromic Surveillance Observations

See EHR Dashboard.

Syndromic surveillance data can be recorded during a patient's appointment, then exported as an HL7 ADT standardized message. See EHR Export Syndromic Surveillance Data.

  1. Select the patient.
  2. In the Appointments Module or Chart Module, double click the appointment to open the Edit Appointment.
  3. On the left side of the window, scroll down to the last of the appointment information fields.
  4. Click Obs.

    All observations already recorded and attached to the appointment are listed.

  5. Click Add to add an observation.
  6. Select the information, then click OK to save.
    • Observation Question: The data elements collected are based on EHR certification requirements.
      • BodyTemp
      • DateIllnessOrInjury
      • PatientAge
      • PrelimDiag
      • TriageNote
      • OxygenSaturation
      • ChiefComplaint
      • TreatFacilityID
      • TreatFacilityLocation
      • VisitType
    • Value Type: 5 values can be assigned to an observation question.
      • Address: Inserts the Practice address as the Facility Address.
      • Coded: Select a LOINC, SNOMEDCT, ICD9 or ICD10 code.
      • DateAndTime: Type the date/time in the Value field.
      • Numeric: Type the numeric value then select the Value Type.
      • Text: Type text in the Value field.
  7. To export the data, see EHR Export Syndromic Surveillance Data.