EHR Default Encounter Code

Set a default encounter code before your EHR reporting period to automatically generate a EHR Encounters (based on the code) every time a procedure is set complete. Encounters affect the denominator of EHR Clinical Quality Measures. If you do not select a default code (none) no encounters will be created, and CQM values will be zero.

  1. In the main menu, click Setup, Chart, EHR, then click Settings in the upper left corner to open the EHR Settings window.
  2. In the Default Encounter Code area, select the code.

    To select a recommended code, click the dropdown and select it.

    • 90052600: Initial evaluation and management of healthy individual (procedure)
    • 185349003: Encounter for check-up (procedure)
    • 185463005: Visit out of hours (procedure)
    • 185465003: Weekend visit (procedure)
    • 270427003: Patient-initiated encounter (procedure)
    • 270430005: Provider-initiated encounter (procedure)
    • 308335008: Patient encounter procedure (procedure)
    • 390906007: Follow-up encounter (procedure)
    • 406547006: Urgent follow-up (procedure)

    To select a different code (SNOMED CT, CDT, CPT, or HCPCS), click the corresponding button, then select the code. Codes must downloaded before they can be selected. See Importing Code Systems. Note that if you choose a code not in the recommended list, patients may not be included in CQM calculations if the code does not qualify.

    If you select none, EHR Encounters will not be automatically generated. You must do it manually.

  3. Click OK to save selections.

Only one encounter per date/patient/provider combination will be generated. So if a patient has procedures completed on one day, one by a dentist and one by a hygienist, an encounter will be generated for each provider. Also see EHR Default Pregnancy Code.