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Public Health: Screening Patients using the Classic Form

These steps explain how to use the classic screening form during a Public Health Screening.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Tools, Public Health Screening.

  1. Double click the screening group to select it. Screening groups are grouped by date. If needed, change the date and click Refresh.

Patients should already list under Patients for Screening.

  • Only patients with 'allowed' permission will be screened. Change permissions if needed by right clicking on a patient.
  • To change patient information, double click a patient then enter on the Edit Patient Information window.
  • To add patients, see Add Screening Groups.
  • Anonymous screenings do not require adding a patient or setting screening permissions. See Anonymous Screenings at the bottom of this page.
  1. Click Screen Patients. The classic screening form for the first patient with an 'allowed' permission that hasn't been screened yet will open.

  1. Enter the screening information:
    Row: Determines the sort order of the screening in the list of screenings. Automatically uses the next row in the sequence.
    Name: Cannot be changed from here.
    Grade level, age, birthdate, race ethnicity, gender, urgency: Pre-filled if information is entered on the Edit Patient Information window, but can be changed.
    Charting Options: Each option has a checkbox with three available states: blank, checked, or unknown . You only need to enter information that is needed by your organization.
  2. Click OK to save. A new row will show in the Screenings list for this patient.
  3. If there are more patients to screen, a new screening form will open for the next patient who has an 'allowed' permission and hasn't been screened. The new patient's information will be auto-filled if known. If not known, the information from the previous screened patient is automatically used.


  • To exit screenings, click Cancel on the screening form. To resume, click Screen Patients again.
  • If you delete a screening for a patient, their permission level returns to 'unknown'.

Anonymous Screenings
Anonymous screenings do not require adding a patient or setting screening permissions.

  1. Click Add Anonymous.
  2. Enter the information. All information except Name can be entered.
  3. Click OK, a new screening form will open, filled in with information from the previous individual.
  4. When finished click Cancel.

If the person needs treatment, consider entering them into the system as a regular patient (if not already entered) and putting their patient ID number in the Comments section.


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