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Procedure Code List 

Procedure codes and fees can be maintained, edited, and accessed via the Procedure Codes list. The codes in the list are those that will be available when charting treatment.

Important: During the Trial installation, temporary (T) codes are installed. When you first update to the full version of Open Dental, remove these T codes by running Procedure Code Tools. This process can also update CDT codes (U.S.), CDA codes (Canada), and reset defaults.

To open the list, in the main menu, click Lists, Procedure Codes, or press Ctrl+Shift+F.

The Procedures grid lists procedure codes that exist for the highlighted categories. Fees for up to three fee schedules can be viewed at a time, each represented by a Fee column (Fee 1, Fee 2, Fee 3). The criteria set under Compare Fee Schedules determines the fees that show.

To enter fees, click in a Fee column cell. Press tab to quickly move from cell to cell.
To edit a procedure code's properties, double click it (e.g. time patterns, default notes, display options on the tooth chart). See Edit Procedure Code.

Field and Option Descriptions
Below is a description of all options on the Procedure Codes window. Some areas are only available or viewable to users with the Setup Permission.

Search: Search the selected category(s) for a procedure code. As you enter text the list will update with matching results.

  • By Abbrev:  Search by procedure code abbreviation.
  • By Descript: Search by description text.
  • By Code: Search by code.
  • Sort Order: Choose a sort order for procedure codes. Sort by Category or Procedure Code. Set the default in Chart Module Preferences.

By Category: The highlighted categories determine which procedure codes show in the grid. To select all categories click All.

  • Click Edit Categories to customize categories and sort order. See Definitions, Proc Code Categories.
  • Show Hidden: Check to show or hide categories marked as hidden. Click default to set the current setting as the default. This option is only available when the Procedure Codes window is accessed via Lists, Procedure Codes.

Procedure Codes

  • Import/Export: Import or export procedure codes in an XML format. If exporting, only codes currently showing in the grid are exported. It is a violation of the copyright to share CDT codes with another office.  However non-CDT codes and other types of codes (e.g. for Foreign Countries) can be exported then imported to other databases.
  • Tools: Launch Procedure Code Tools to remove temporary codes, update CDT codes, add missing D or N codes, and/or reset default autocodes, procedure buttons, appt proc quick adds or recall types. Only visible to users with the Security Admin Permission.
  • New: Add a Procedure Code (e.g non-CDT codes or codes used in another country).

Procedures: A list of all procedure codes that exist for the selected category. Procedure fees for up to three fee schedules may also show, depending on the criteria set under Compare Fee Schedules.

Compare Fee Schedules: Select the criteria that determines which fee columns and fees show in the Procedures grid.

  • Fee Schedule: Click the dropdown or [...] to select the fee schedule.
  • Clinic: To view or enter fees specific to a clinic, click the drop down or [...] to select the clinic.
  • Provider: To view or enter fees specific to a provider, click the drop down or [...] to select the provider.

Note: Clinic and Provider are only enabled if the Fee Schedule allows provider and/or clinic-specific fees (Use Global Fees is unchecked).

Fee Colors: The fee color is a quick method of identifying whether a fee is global or provider and/or clinic-specific. The default colors are listed below. Customize fee colors in Definitions, Fee Colors.

  • Black: A global fee.
  • Orange: Clinic-specific fee.
  • Green: Provider-specific fee.
  • Blue: The fee is specific to a provider and clinic.

Fee Scheds: Create Fee Schedules.

Fee Tools:  Copy, export or import fees, increase fees by a percentage, or update fees for treatment planned procedures. See Fee Tools.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I print fee schedules?
A: Print the Procedure Code Report.


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