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Procedure Codes 

Procedure codes can be maintained, edited and accessed via the Procedure Codes list. 

In the Main Menu, click Lists, Procedure Codes, or press Ctrl+Shift+F.

Search: There are three search options: 

  • By Abbrev:  Search the entire procedure code list for a specific abbreviation.
  • By Descript: Search for entered text in all description text in the selected category(s).
  • By Code: Search for a specific code in the selected category(s).

Categories: Click on a category to only show procedures within the category.  To see all codes, click All, or select every category (press Ctrl while clicking).

  • Edit Categories:  Jump to Definitions, Proc Code Categories where you can add, edit, rearrange and hide categories. Must have the Setup Permission.
  • Show Hidden:  Check this box to show categories marked hidden; uncheck it to hide those categories. Click default to set the default Show Hidden setting.

Procedure Codes: These buttons are only visible to users with the Setup Permission.

  • Import/Export: Import or export procedure codes to an XML format. Note that it is a violation of the copyright to share ADA procedure codes with another office.  But many other types of codes can be imported and exported.  Only the codes currently showing in the grid are exported.  This gives you the option to just export a few codes rather than all codes.  This is useful in Foreign Countries.
  • Tools: Launch Procedure Code Tools to automatically update procedure codes (e.g. remove temporary codes (T), add missing D or N codes, reset defaults). Important: Run this tool when you update to the full version of Open Dental from the Trial version as it will remove T codes and update CDT codes.
  • New: Add a Procedure Code. Useful for Foreign Countries who do not use ADA codes or when adding a non-ADA code.

Procedures Grid:  The procedures that show depend on the highlighted Category. 

  • To edit a procedure, double click anywhere in the row, except in a fee column. See Edit Procedure Code.
  • You can view, edit, and compare fees in up to three Fee Schedules, each represented by a Fee column (Fee 1, Fee 2, Fee 3). The fees that show in each column depend on the fee schedule criteria selected on the right.
  • Starting in version 15.3, a fee schedule's global fees can be overridden by provider and/or clinic. The fee schedule must have the 'Use Global Fees' box unchecked for these options to be enabled. See Overriding Fees by Provider or Clinic below.
  • To help identify global fees versus provider and/or clinic fees, a color-coded system is used in the Procedures Grid. Colors can be customized in Definitions, Fee Colors. The default colors are as follows:
    • Black: The fee is the default (global) fee of the fee schedule.
    • Orange: The fee is clinic specific.
    • Green: The fee is provider specific.
    • Blue: The fee is specific to a provider and clinic.

Overriding Fees by Provider or Clinic: To enter a fee that is provider and/or clinic specific:

  1. Under Compare Fee Schedules, select the criteria for a fee column. As you select criteria, the fees in the column will change to reflect the current entry for the fee schedule, clinic, and/or provider.
    • Fee Schedule: Click the dropdown or [...] to select a fee schedule.
      - If the selected fee schedule is set to 'Use Global Fees', the Clinic and Provider options will be disabled.
      - If the option is unchecked for the selected fee schedule, the Clinic and Provider options will be enabled and provider/clinic specific fees can be entered.
    • Clinic: Click the drop down or [...] to select a clinic.
    • Provider: Click the drop down or [...] to select a provider.
  2. Click in the correct Fee cell, then enter the fee. Refer to the color-coded system explained above.

Fee Sched and Fee Tools: These buttons are only visible to users with the Setup Permission.

  • Fee Scheds:  Jump to Fee Schedule Setup.
  • Fee Tools:  Access tools available for fee schedules, such as copying, importing/exporting fees, increasing fees by a percentage, and global fee updates.  See Fee Schedule Tools.


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