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Ortho Chart  

The Ortho Chart can be used to keep track of visits in a grid format. The data in the grid only shows here and is completely separate from information in the regular patient chart. This feature can also be adapted for other purposes unrelated to orthodontics.


  • Before adding information to a patient's ortho chart, create Custom Patient Fields, define tabs, and add columns. See Ortho Chart Setup.
  • To enter ortho chart information or electronically sign, you must have the Ortho Chart Edit Permission.

Enter Ortho Chart Information

  1. In the Chart module toolbar, click Ortho Chart.

  1. For Patient Fields, double click a row to enter a value. Pick list patient fields will have a list of options to select from.

Text entry patient fields allow typing or Auto Note.

  1. For Ortho Chart entries, first select the tab. Then click in a cell to enter text or to select from a pick list. To add an Auto Note to a cell, highlight the cell, then click Auto Note. All entries are sorted by date (oldest to newest). When a tab is opened, the current date always shows as a new row and the grid automatically scrolls to the most recent entry.
  2. Add an electronic signature. A signature box only shows if an a signature box column has been added to the tab (see Ortho Chart Setup).
  3. Click OK to save.

Add an Ortho Chart Row for a Previous Date

  1. Click Add Date.

  1. Enter the date (MM/DD/YY)
  2. Click OK. A new row will show in the Ortho Chart grid.

Audit Trail
Use the audit trail to view historical changes made on a dated entry. Both patient field and ortho chart changes are tracked. To see changes for a specific date, highlight the date under Date Service. By default, all dates are highlighted when the Audit Trail is opened, making all changes visible.

Click Close to close the window.

Electronic Signatures
Validity of Electronic Signatures is determined by Open Dental. Invalid signatures will turn the row red and the signature column will display "Invalid". Signatures may be invalidated by:

  • Changing the patient name.
  • Removing the signature box in Display Fields, making changes to ortho chart fields, then adding the signature box.
  • Editing the database outside of Open Dental.


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