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Fees for Support and Services

Open Dental Software's only upfront cost is the first month of support fees. Fees vary depending on number of locations, number of providers, and any additional functionality required. Monthly support fees include:

  • The software.
  • Updates as they are released.
  • Phone, chat and email technical support with our experienced techs (up to two specific issues per call).

After the initial contract, fees automatically continue on a month to month basis. Most users remain on the support plan so that they can continue to receive new version updates and telephone support. Support fees and eServices come with a 90 day money-back guarantee. The office must stop using the software in order to receive a refund. 
Data conversion from other software is not included.  See Data Conversion for fees.

  Fee (USD) Initial Contract Details
Software Support Fees

United States
(Some areas of the Caribbean are considered other countries for licensing reasons.)

$169/month/location or office 6 months

Covers all computers per location or office for up to 3 dentists.

Mobile treatment units are each treated as one physical location for billing purposes.

Reduced to $99/month after 12 consecutive months

(Payment accepted via credit card and wire transfer. Fee may vary each month depending on the exchange rate of your financial institution.)

$135/month/location or office 6 months

EHR Features and Reporting
Additional features that meet EHR certification criteria and help providers meet Meaningful Use (MU).

12 months support contract PLUS $720/provider/calendar year 1 year
renewed annually

See Open Dental EHR

Medicaid EHR Purchase Form 2018 (PDF)

eCW Integration $75/month/FTE dentist n/a See eClinicalWorks.
Includes integration, installation, one hour of online training per FTE provider
Other Countries $89/month/location or office 6 months

Covers all computers per location or office for up to 3 dentists. Support is handled through email and telephone. See Foreign Countries.

Developing Countries
  (India, Nepal)
Free n/a Support is limited. See Foreign Countries for a list of other people who offer support.
Additional Services
More than 3 dentists per office or location $20/month/provider n/a

If you call us for special consideration, multiple part-time providers can be considered as the sum of their full-time equivalency.

Conversions (Data, Image, Splits and Merges) See Conversions n/a  


eServices Bundle $135/month/location  

Get all eServices for one low discounted price per month, per location!

Includes Integrated Texting access fee (additional per outgoing text message fees apply).

Mobile Web $30/month/location n/a See Mobile Web
Web Sched New Patient $75/month/location n/a See Web Sched New Patient Appts
Web Sched Recall $75/month/location n/a See Web Sched Recall
Web Sched ASAP $20/month/location n/a  
Integrated Texting

US, Puerto Rico, Canada: $5/month/location access fee plus $0.04 per outgoing message. Unlimited incoming messages (no per message fee).

International users: See Integrated Texting International Fees. Contact support to sign up.


See Integrated Texting

Messages that exceed 160 characters are charged an additional $0.01 per 160 characters. See Texting FAQ for details.

No fee for reply messages.

eConfirmations $25/month/location n/a

See eConfirmations

Includes Integrated Texting access (additional per message fee).

eReminders Free for customers on support n/a See eReminders
Web Forms Free for customers on support n/a See Web Forms
Patient Portal Free for customers on support n/a See Patient Portal
Electronic Prescriptions DoseSpot eRx
(Available in 17.4 - current beta)

$54/month/prescribing provider/location (price includes EPCS, Lexicomp Online for Dentistry, and Identity Proofing)


See DoseSpot

DoseSpot is a robust, comprehensive choice for ePrescribing with more integrated features than eRx Legacy. DoseSpot includes Lexicomp Online for Dentistry.

Provider Identity Proofing $45 one time fee/prescribing provider n/a

See Electronic Rx (eRx)

If one provider uses eRx-Comprehensive, all other providers within the same database who use eRx will also be charged the comprehensive fee.

Legacy eRx- Basic version $15/month/prescribing provider/location n/a
Legacy eRx- Comprehensive version $40/month/prescribing provider/location  
Controlled Substances (EPCS) $150/year/prescribing provider n/a
Training Webinars Free n/a See Webinars
Online Training $50/hour n/a Available to customers on support. Contact us to schedule.
See Training
On-Site Training $3200/one day
Each additional consecutive day: $950
n/a See Training
EHR Consulting $100/hour n/a See Open Dental EHR
Web Form Design Services
Let us convert your paper forms to sheets.
$45/hour n/a

See Sheets

Custom Queries Contact Open Dental support for pricing. See Custom Queries. n/a


Replication Support $100/hour n/a See Replication
Incident Support
If you are no longer on a support contract, we sometimes provide support for an isolated incident. 
$150 for the first half hour per incident and $50 for each subsequent half hour for the same incident.  n/a  
Discounts are only available for support fees and are relative to the number of offices on support (physical locations where dentistry is performed) as of the current month:
Volume 4 - 9 offices $144/month/office or location Reduced to $99/month/office after an office is on support for 12 consecutive months.
10+ offices Call us and ask for Management  
Pre-Pay 6 months 5%  
1 year 10%
2+ years 15%


  • If you would like to speak with a current Open Dental user prior to purchasing Open Dental, please contact us for a Reference.
  • Users must call to Cancel.
  • Support fees and eServices come with a 90 day money-back guarantee. The office must stop using the software in order to receive a refund. 
  • If you stop support, then resume at a later date, the monthly fees return to the current starting rate of $169 per month (minimum 3 month contract).
  • Any variations from our pricing must be in writing.

Q & A
Question: I am using Open Dental at multiple treatment locations but using just one database (or remoting to one location to enter data). Do I have to pay a monthly support fee for each location/office?
Answer: Yes. Our policy clearly states that fees are per location/office.


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