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eServices Bundle

Sign up for the eServices bundle to get all eServices for one low discounted price (per location, per month).


*Integrated texting fees for outgoing messages still apply and rates vary by country code.

To sign up for the bundle, use the eServices Signup Portal (version 17.1 and greater). For earlier versions contact Open Dental support.


Sign up for the Bundle (Signup Portal)
To sign up, the logged on user must have Full Access (Security Admin permission).

  1. In the main menu, click eServices, Signup to open the eServices Signup Portal.
    • The Basic View tab is active by default when there is only one location.
    • The Advanced View is active by default when there are multiple locations.

  2. Hover over 'eService Bundle' to see informational details and service terms.

  1. Clinic: If in Basic View, select the clinic first (upper left corner).
  2. Country Code: Click the dropdown and select the country the practice is in. This option pertains to Integrated Texting and determines per message fees.

  1. Texting Monthly Limit: Enter the maximum amount that every clinic can spend on outgoing text messages per month (in U.S. dollars, minimum $1.00). NOTE: This is a per-clinic limit that applies to every clinic. Example: If $20 is the monthly limit and there are three clinics, each clinic has a limit of $20, but the total amount will equal $60.

  2. Check the box next to eServices Bundle. If in Advanced View, check the box for each clinic you want to signup up. The checkboxes for all eServices will automatically check and the Total amounts will update to reflect the new charges.
  1. Click Save to save settings. New charges will be reflected in your account within two billing cycles.


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