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eServices are internet-based features within Open Dental that can boost productivity and efficiency, help with patient retention, and increase practice revenue. See below for an overview of each eService as well as service terms and applicable fees for each feature. You must be on support and have an active registration key. Contact us for more information or to sign up.

Save money by signing up for the eServices Bundle.

  • eConfirmations: Send automated text message and/or email confirmations to remind patients about an upcoming appointment AND allow the patient to e-confirm.
  • eReminders: Send automated text message and/or email reminders about upcoming appointments.
  • Integrated Texting: Send SMS text messages directly to patient's mobile devices and receive unlimited inbound text messages from patients.
  • Mobile Web: Connect to the Open Dental database using a mobile device.
  • Patient Portal: Give patients electronic access to their health information and use Secure Web Mail to send and receive patient information.
  • Web Forms: Allow patients to complete forms online using any browser.
  • Web Sched New Patient: Allow new patients to schedule their first appointment online.
  • Web Sched Recall: Automatically or manually email recall reminders that include a clickable link to schedule the appointment online.

How much does each eService cost?
See Fees for Software, Support, and Services.

How do I start using eServices?

  1. In version 17.1 and greater, use the eServices Signup Portal to sign up for services. For all other versions, contact Open Dental support.
  2. Install the eConnector. The eConnector acts as a gateway of communication between your computer and our secure servers.
  3. Follow the setup steps for each service.

I am a distributor who would like to resell Open Dental e-Services.
See Distributors.

For a list of supported browsers, see Computer Requirements.

Other Resources
eServices General Troubleshooting


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