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Email Settings and Errors

If you experience errors when trying to use Email, the information below may be helpful. 

The most common reason for email errors is incorrect information entered in General Email Settings. If sending email fails, follow these general steps: 

  • Verify the username, password, server, and port information is entered correctly.  Username should be your full email address (e.g. john@email.com).
  • Check your internet connection. 
  • If you can send emails outside of Open Dental, your anti-virus software may be blocking emails.  To test this, disable anti-virus and try again.  You may need to add an exception for OpenDental.exe.

Vendor specific issues:

  • Yahoo: If using Yahoo, you must update to version 12.4.28 or greater.
  • Gmail: Substitute email addresses are not allowed. If your Gmail account uses a second password verification, you cannot send email in Open Dental.

Email Settings by Host
We have gathered settings for some email hosts.  These settings may change at any time so always rely on the settings provided by your vendor.

  Username Use SSL? Outgoing SMTP Server Outgoing Port Incoming POP3 Server Incoming Port
Gmail xxxx@gmail.com checked smtp.gmail.com 587(required for outgoing encrypted email and SSL must be checked)
465 works best for sending attachments
pop.gmail.com 995
Alaska Communications xxxx@acsalaska.net checked mail.acsalaska.net 587 or 465 mail.acsalaska.net 995
AOL xxxx@aol.com checked smtp.aol.com 587    
AT & T xxxx@att.net checked outbound.att.net 465 inbound.att.net 995
Comcast xxx@comcast.net checked smtp.comcast.net 587    
FatCow (Roundcube) xxx@yourdomain.com checked smtp.fatcow.com 465    
GoDaddy xxxx@xxx.com unchecked smtpout.secureserver.net 25 or 465    
Hotmail xxxx@hotmail.com checked smtp.live.com or
25 or 587 pop3.live.com 995
iCloud (Mozilla Thunderbird) xxxx@xxx.net checked smtp.mail.me.com 587    
iCore xxx@direct.icoreexchange.com checked dout.icoreexchange.com 465    
Just Host xxx@domainname.com checked just63.justhost.com 465   995
Office 365 xxxx@xxx.com checked smtp.office365.com 587    
Outlook xxx@yourdomain.com checked smtp-mail.outlook.com 587 pop-mail.outlook.com 995
MSN Live xxx@xxx.com checked smpt.live.com 587    
Optimum xxx@optimum.net unchecked mail.optimum.net 25    
PacBell.net xxxx@pacbell.net unchecked outbound.att.net 587    
SendInc SendInc alias email address checked smtp.sendinc.net 465    
Sesame xxx@yourdomain.com unchecked mail.yourdomain.com 25 sesameemail.com 995
Solution 21 xxxx@xxx.com unchecked mail.solution21mail.com 25    
TNT xxx@xxx.com checked mail.tntsupport.net 587 or 25   143
Verizon xxxx@verizon.net checked smtp.verizon.net


Yahoo xxxx@yahoo.com checked smtp.mail.yahoo.com 465    

Specific Errors & Solutions
If you receive any of the following errors, it means the username and/or password entered in General Email Settings is invalid. 

  • Authentication Failed
  • Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.3 Requested action aborted:user not authenticated.
  • Mailbox Unavailable. The server response was: #5.1.0 Authentication required.
  • Bad sequence of commands. The server response was: you must authenticate first (#5.5.1).

Error:  Mailbox Unavailable. The server responses was: #5.1.0 Address rejected.
Solution 1: Patient's email address is invalid.  Send a test email to yourself to verify the message is only when using the patient's email address. 
Solution 2:   If sending from a new email address, check your inbox and open another email.  This may activate the email address.  Send another test to check. 

Error:  The operation has timed out.
Solution: Do some research and find out what port your email provider recommends, then try it.  For example, for Gmail smtp.gmail.com with SSL, port 465 has worked for sending emails with attachments. 

Error:  All confirmation emails failed.
Solution:  This can happen if the subject line of the email mistakenly includes the body of the message.  Check Recall Setup to make sure the subject line has a reasonable amount of words.

Error:  Mailbox name not allowed. The server response was: sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts.

  • Make sure the username and password are correctly entered.  Verify it works on the email host's website.
  • The remote mail server may not like the email address of sender. Make sure it is the same email as entered for the username.
  • Something on the server has changed (e.g. the proxy or white list) or a new anti-virus software is acting like the domain is dangerous.
  • The email host may have marked the address as spam. Create a new email address and see if it works.  

Error:  The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. x31sm2514409ana.9
Error: Command not implemented. The server response was :5.5.41. Unrecognized command. z28sm22907yhn.7
Solution:  In Email Setup, check the SSL box. Another possibility is to verify the password is correct.  Some computers connected to the network and using the same email setup in Open Dental may be able to still use the email service if this box is unchecked.

Error:  The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.
Solution: In Email Setup, uncheck the SSL box.

Error:  Service not available, closing transmission channel.
Solution 1: Try a different outgoing port.
Solution 2: It could be caused by your antivirus software.  

Error:  Open Dental appears to have successfully sent email, but recipient never receives it. 
Solution: Your mail server may block outgoing mail if too many emails are sent at one time.  Contact your provider to change the setting.

Error: Email fails to send and an error message reads: "Transaction failed. The server response was: 5.7.1 <yourpatient@someserver.com>: Recipient address rejected: Access denied.
Solution: SMTP server will not relay the message; this is usually due to an incorrect password.

Error: Keyset does not exist.
Solution: Run Open Dental as administrator.

Error: Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: (WS-SVR) []:12345 is currently not permitted to relay.
Solution: Contact your email domain provider and have them allow the relay from Open Dental.

Error: Error retrieving email messages:  The stream used to retrieve responses from was closed. 
Solution: Check your incoming email settings in Email Setup.

Error:  Error retrieving email messages: The handshake failed due to an unexpected packet format.
Solution: This error can happen if your email address is not configured properly. Specifically, if your email account uses SSL and you do not have the SSL option enabled, or if you have SSL enabled and your email account does not use SSL.  See Email Setup.

Problem:  In the Email Inbox or Progress Notes, email preview and message is showing in HTML code.
Solution:  This means the email was sent using Rich Text/HTML format instead of Plain Text.

Problem:  An incoming encrypted message is not decrypted. 
Solution: This happens when decryption fails.  Usually decryption happens automatically when the message is received. However, if the email is from an address with a security certificate that is not "trusted", your private decryption key is not installed on the local computer, or the encryption is not in the correct format, decryption fails. To see encrypted email options, see Encrypted Email - Standard vs Direct. To add a certificate to your "trusted" list or retry decryption. see Email Inbox, When Decryption Fails.

Error: The transport failed to connect to the server
Solution: Set the SMTP server to: plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com.

Gmail outgoing Encrypted Emails will only work over port 587 with SSL enabled.

Error:  Command not implemented. The server response was :5.5.1 Unrecognized command, s45sm17366386yhk.22 - gsmtp
Solution:  In General Email Settings, change port 587 to 465.

Error:  The message could not be sent to the SMTP server. The transport error code was 0x80040217. The server response was not available
Solution 1:  Verify user name and password (e.g. must include @gmail.com)
Solution 2:  Google is blocking account access from "less secure" 3rd party applications. See https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255?hl=en . Google does not identify exactly what makes an application less secure, but offers two solutions: use the Gmail application instead or allow less secure apps. To allow less secure apps, log into Gmail.  You should receive a message related to unauthorized access. Follow the instructions in the message to change your Gmail account settings to "Allow less secure apps".

Error: The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.5.1 Authentication Required.
Solution: Enable less secure apps if you are using a regular Gmail account.

Note: Gmail managed domains may not allow enabling of less secure apps. The domain adminstrator must login and give domain users the right to enable less secure apps.

Office 365
Error: The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.7.57 SMTP; Client was not authenticated to send anonymous mail during MAIL FROM.
Most likely, Office 365 needs you to create a new password. Log in to the Office 365 portal (https://login.microsoftonline.com/). You will be prompted to change the password. Once the password is changed and reflected in Open Dental, email should work.

Error:  Service not available, Not able to send message:
Solution: Use Port 587.

Error:  The message could not be sent to the SMTP server. The transport error code was 0x800ccc6a. The server response was 451.
Solution:  Update to the most recent version of Open Dental.


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