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Definitions: Blockout Types

Use the Blockouts definition to set up the text and background color of Blockouts available in the Appointment schedule. Requires the Setup permission.

To customize the color of blockout text, see Definitions: Appointment Colors.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Definitions, then select Blockout Types.

    The Flags column indicates the selected Usage selection for the blockout type.

    • DC: 'Disable Cut/Copy/Paste' is checked.
    • NS: 'Block appointments scheduling' is checked.

  2. Click Add to add a new blockout type, or double-click a blockout type to edit.
  3. Name: Enter a name for the blockout. This will show on the appointment schedule.
  4. Usage: Check a box to assign usage for the blockout type.
    • Block appointments scheduling: When checked, appointments cannot be scheduled over this blockout type.
    • Disable Cut/Copy/Paste: When checked, the individual cut blockout, copy blockout, and paste blockout options are disabled for this blockout type.
  5. Color: Click the color box to select the color of the blockout.
  6. Click OK to save.

Reorder Blockout Types

On the main Definitions window, highlight a type, then click the up/down arrow.

Hide a Blockout Type

There are two ways to hide a type so it is no longer an option.

  • On the main Definitions window, select the item, then click Hide.
  • On the Edit Definition window, check the Hidden box.

We recommend also moving the item to the bottom of the list. To show a hidden item, open the Edit Definition window and uncheck the Hidden box.

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