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Cross Coding Procedure Codes to Medical Codes

Medical codes (e.g. CPT Codes) can be manually added as separate codes in the procedure code list, then cross coded to procedure codes. Then, when a medical claim is created for the procedure, the medical code is used on the claim instead of the procedure code. Also see Medical Insurance.

  1. Create a Medical Code procedure code category in Definitions, Proc Code Categories. This is useful for grouping medical codes (optional, but recommended).
  2. Manually create the medical code as a new procedure code. See Add Procedure Codes

  1. Edit the new medical code:
    • In the Procedure Code List, double click the new medical code to open the Edit Procedure Code window.
    • Select the new Medical Codes category (optional).
    • Leave the Medical Code field blank.
    • Enter other information as needed (e.g. fees).

  1. Cross code the new medical code to the procedure code:
    • In the Procedure Code List, double click the dental procedure code.
    • Enter the medical code (CPT code) in the Medical Code field.

Now the medical code is cross-coded to the procedure code.


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