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This feature tracks which computers use Open Dental. Computer names are automatically added when Open Dental is accessed.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Advanced Setup, Computers.

Database Server: View information for the server that Open Dental is installed on.

  • Server Name: The name of the Open Dental server.
  • Service Name: The name of the MySQL service.
  • Service Version: The version of MySQL that is installed.
  • Service Comment: Informational comments about the MySQL version.

Current Computer: The computer name that is currently running MySQL.

Computer Name: Any computer that has used Open Dental. You can safely delete unused computers to speed up messaging. Double-click a computer name to edit the graphics preferences for that computer. This is not recommended.

Fix a Workstation - Use Simple Graphics: Set another computer's graphics setting to 'simple'. This is useful as a fix for machines that do not have DirectX or OpenGL installed or working properly. On these machines, sometimes Open Dental closes unexpectedly when a user chooses a database. To fix this, from another computer, click on the computer name, then click Use Simple Graphics. This is the same as selecting the Simple Tooth Chart in Graphics.


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