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CDAnet certified claims can be sent in Canada to Alberta Blue Cross over high speed internet using the Claimstream clearinghouse developed by Harder Software Ltd. Support for Claimstream was added in version 12.4.22. Claimstream is a free service. See Electronic Eligibility and Benefits.

E-claims can also be sent directly to carriers in the Telus Group A network and Telus Group B network, however while Open Dental is certified to send e-claims directly to Telus A and Telus B, direct submission is discouraged at this time.  For now, use ITRANS for Telus A and B, and only use ClaimStream for Alberta Blue Cross.

Open Dental is now certified for both CDA certificates and is also backward compatible with the old certificates.

Quebec users should not install Claimstream. Instead, print claims to send to Alberta Blue Cross.

The ITRANS clearinghouse can also be used to send e-claims to Alberta Blue Cross, however ITRANS requires the claims to be sent over dial up modem.

First install Claimstream, then set up the clearinghouse (see below). 

Install Claimstream
The ClaimStream installation is the same for Alberta Blue Cross as it is for Telus A and Telus B, except there is an additional step for Alberta Blue Cross (#10). 

Uninstall old versions of ClaimStream via the Control Panel before installing any new versions.

  1. Log in to your claim server as the built-in administrator account. To locate this user, go to Control Panel, User Accounts, Manage User Accounts, Advanced tab, Advanced button, then click on the Users folder.
  2. Install CCDWS:  ccdws-

  1. Click Next.

  1. Check the "I accept the terms of the license agreement" checkbox and click Next.

  1. Click Next.

  1. Click Next.

  1. Ensure that the "Complete" radio button is checked, then click Next.

  1. Click Next.

  1. Click Next

  1. For Alberta Blue Cross, click Yes. The ccdws.ini file will display in a text editor. Replace the Alberta Blue Cross section with the following text, then save the file and close it.

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Alberta Blue Cross
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
[Destination ABC]

# Inherit default values from the given section.
InheritSection=Destination Common

# Value to be overwritten on all transaction prefix (A01) fields, if set.

# uncomment the following line for testing
# Endpoint=https://vendor.claimstream.ca:3540/DWST/HIECService

# uncomment the following line for production


For Telus A and Telus B, click No.

  1. Click Finish.

E-claims Clearinghouse

  1. Install Claimstream first.
  2. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Program Links, Family/Insurance, Clearinghouses.
  3. Double click the Claimstream row then enter the settings below.

The location of the export path (usually C:\ccd on the claim server) and the client program should be shared folders on the network if more than one workstation will be sending claims.

Claim Export Path: The ccd folder on the network must be shared, and the everyone user should have full control under the permission section and security section. 
Use Claim Export Path: When checked will save sent claims to export path
Automatically enter payment for received EOB's: When checked will automatically enter payment information for sent claims.

Technical Details of Upload:
Open Dental checks the claim export path (usually C:\ccd on the claim server) for the existence of OPENDENTAL.pem and automatically creates the OPENDENTAL.pem file if it does not already exist. Files being sent from Open Dental to Claimstream will be named input.### (i.e. input.000, input.001, etc...) and will be placed in the C:\ccd folder on the server by default. To prevent the CCDWS service from processing input before the input file is finished writing, a temp file is first written in format tempinput.###, then the file is renamed to input.###. File names are cycled through until they reach 999 and then start over at 000. The purpose of the file name incrementing is to prevent transactions of different client machines from colliding while they are being adjudicated. The CCDWS service first renames the input.### file to _nput.### to prevent the file from being processed more than once. The CCDWS service then sends the _nput.### file data via a secure SSL connection to Claimstream. The reply comes back in under two minutes as output.### in the same folder. The output.### file is immediately imported into Open Dental, then the output.### and _nput.### files are deleted by Open Dental. 


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