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Electronic EOBs (ERA 835s)

The ERA 835, also known as electronic remittance advice format, is an electronic Explanation of Benefits (EOB).  ERAs can simplify your data entry process for entering insurance payments. Using the ERA, Open Dental will auto-populate insurance paid amounts by claim so that you may then receive each claim and finalize the payment. 

Open Dental supports the automatic download of ERAs from these clearinghouses:

To take full advantage of the most recent ERA improvements, update to the latest stable version of Open Dental.

Manage ERAs
Process an ERA
Match ERAs with Claims
EOB Claim Details
Outstanding Insurance Claim Report

Not all insurance carriers or clearinghouses offer ERAs, or the ability to automatically download. Contact your clearinghouse for information on how to receive ERAs. If automatic downloads are not available, you can manually download ERAs to the Report Path.


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