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Supplemental Insurance Payments

Supplemental Insurance Payments are payments for procedures that have already been marked 'received'.   This can include additional payments, or negative amounts (e.g. insurance reduces a payment).  Like any insurance payment, you must receive it, then finalize the payment by attaching it to the claim.

  1. In the Account module, double click on the received Claim.
  2. Highlight the procedure the supplemental payment applies to.
  3. Click Supplemental in the upper right corner.
  4. Enter the payment amount in the Ins Pay column, then click OK.
  5. On the Edit Claim window, click Finalize Payment, then enter the amount and attach the correct claim.  See Finalize the Payment.
  6. Click OK.  

Note: Negative writeoff amounts can be entered in a supplemental payment to account for adjustments to writeoffs already entered, as long as the net writeoff is 0 or greater. This is useful when the writeoff amount changes and you do not want to or cannot change the original writeoff amount (e.g. doing so would change historical reports).


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