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Canada - Carriers and Networks

For Canada users, there is a checkbox at the top of the Insurance Carriers list for CDAnet Only which lets you view only Canadian carriers. The list will by default contain all carriers maintained by Open Dental. However, you can add or update carrier information if needed. If you have added a new carrier for some reason, make sure to set the Is CDAnet Carrier checkbox and to set the Carrier Identification Number.

The data in the lower half of the window is not editable by users but is instead maintained by Open Dental based on the Carrier Id Number entered.  To add a new carrier or to update an existing carrier, verify that the Carrier Id Number is correct, and then run the Database Maintenance tool, which will set the data in the lower half of the window to the correct values.

The following carriers are supported by itrans:
If you attempt to submit to a carrier who is not on the list, you will get an error message. The error message you would receive when sending would be "Primary carrier network not set." However, you might also get this message if you have not set up your carriers properly. The usual procedure for setting up carriers is to fill in the carrier identification number of the carriers you wish to send to, then run Database Maintenance to fill in the network, version and encryption method for the carriers in question. Database Maintenance will only fill these three values for carriers that are on the list of supported carriers, so if you put a carrier identification number within the carrier edit window for a carrier that is not supported, running Database Maintenance will not update the three values. These three values are required to send electronic claims.

As new carriers are added to the list of carriers supported by itrans, you will need to Update your Open Dental Version in order to send Claims to them. The beta version will always automatically contain the most current list.  If there is a very new carrier, and you do not wish to use the beta version, then you will at least need to update to the most current stable version of Open Dental.  In that case, you will need to add the Carrier, fill in the Carrier Id Number, and run Database Maintenance.


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