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Custom Appointment Fields  

Here you can add custom Appointment fields. Fields will be visible on the Edit Appointment window under Appt Fields, and can be displayed in an Appointment View. These are a more organized alternative to notes.

Enter Information in a Custom Appointment Field

  1. In the Edit Appointment window, Appt Fields area, double click a field. 

  1. Enter the information, then click OK.

Add Custom Appointment Fields

  1. In the main menu, click Setup, Appointments, Appointment Field Defs.

  1. Custom fields already set up are listed. A field can only be deleted if it is not used in appointments.
  2. Click Add, or double click an existing field to edit.

  1. Field Name: Enter the name of the field.
  2. Field Type: There are two options:
    • Text: Create a text field where users can enter custom text.
    • PickList: Create a list of options the user can choose from. Enter each option on one line.

Set Up Custom Appointment Fields
Set up which fields will show in the Patient Information grid in selected areas of Open Dental.

  1. In Appointment Field Defs, click Setup.

  1. Field Location: Click the dropdown to select. This is the location in Open Dental where patient fields show. AppointmentEdit is the default location.
  2. Select a Visible Field and click the right arrow to hide it from the selected location.
  3. Select a Hidden Field and click the left arrow to add it to visible fields in the selected location.
  4. Click OK to save.


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