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EHR Webinar: Health Information Exchange

The EHR series covers how to use Open Dental EHR.  To register for a live webinar, or view a prerecorded version, see Webinars.

EHR: Summaries of Care
10 minutes + Q&A

This webinar explains how to provide summaries of care to patients and other providers.


  • Information that is required to generate a summary of care:
    • Patient name, address, phone, birthdate
    • Provider name, NPI
    • Practice name, address, phone
  • Electronic transmissions (part 2), requires setting up a secure way to send them to other providers. You have two options:
    • Send directly from Open Dental using Encrypted Email. This requires obtaining, installing, and sharing email security certificates.
    • Contract with a Health Information Service Provider (HISP) to perform authentication, encryption, and trust verification on your behalf. You can then export summaries of care and use the HISP to send securely.

Providing a Summary of Care (to portal/patient)

Sending a Summary of Care Electronically


Watch the webinar:
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