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EHR Webinar: Before You Begin a Reporting Period

The EHR series covers how to use Open Dental EHR.  To register for a live webinar, or view a prerecorded version, see Webinars.

5-10 minutes

Audience: Administrators who are getting ready to start an EHR reporting period. Only 1-2 people in each office need to know how to do these tasks. We suggest the EHR is one of those people.

This webinar will cover the initial steps that should be completed before starting a meaningful use reporting period.

  • Enter into a written EHR contract with Open Dental.
  • Update to the most current, certified version of Open Dental.
  • Understand the meaningful use requirements for your stage.
    • Know the requirements for every objective.
    • Review the Clinical Quality Measures.
    • Identify additional supporting documentation that may be required.
  • Start a Security Risk Analysis.
  • Start EHR setup (covered in another webinar).

Watch the webinar:
To enter full screen mode, click the lower right corner when the video is playing.

Visit our YouTube page to see all the webinars we offer in one place.


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