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Version 7.8

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Version 7.8 was released on 4/18/2011.

Mobile Version: Secure web-based mobile version runs on any platform, including iPhone and Android. Mobile Sync Setup.

Credit Cards: Multiple credit cards can be stored. PayConnect support for Auth, Void, and Return. X-Charge now uses tokens instead of actual card numbers for proper security.

Minor Changes
Signed sheets are now locked to prevent accidental alteration. Can be unlocked if permission. Sheets.
Perio chart security.
Image tree view option to always open collapsed
Statements no longer show the current statement or 'unsent' in the grid.
Payment plan section, first line on statement, changed 'Balance' to 'Principal Remaining'.
TP module columns can be customized with Display Fields. Display Fields.
Added procedure.Prognosis, visible from TP and Chart. Procedure Edit.
Security permission to hide fee in procedure edit window.
Progress notes date range filter. Show.
Cerec bridge. Cerec.

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