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Version 7.4

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Version 7.4 was released on 11/5/2010. The following features are included.

Time Cards: Option to show decimal or colon format throughout. Adjustments and overtime changes can be made to individual clock pairs instead of as separate rows. Automation rules for overtime on specific days due to hours worked per day or according to time of day. Global or per employee. Time Cards.

Deposit Slip: Moved to Sheets framework for customization. Printable on preprinted QuickBooks forms which are accepted by all banks.

Minor Changes
Sheet Import/Export. Sheets.
Newer dotNet connector to MySQL database. This gives better performance and allows use of newer versions of MySQL if desired.
Copy button added to Patient Forms window, allowing patient to edit the most recent medical history. Patient Form.
Security option to log off automatically when Windows screensaver locks session. Security.
Minor overhaul of Medications window. Medications.
Production numbers for future scheduled appts now include anticipated PPO writeoffs.
Automation can check for a completed sheet.
Web Service now uses password instead of password hash for better security.
Group note, columns for procedures are customizable through Display Fields. Group Note.
Database maintenance tool reviewed thoroughly to be safer. Separated analyze and fix functions. Gives more descriptive information.
Chart module, Progress Notes columns can be sorted by clicking on the column titles. Ascending or descending.

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