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Version 7.3

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Version 7.3 was released on 10/18/2010 The following new features are included.

Chart Views: In the Chart module, the Show tab now allows saving different views. Each view also allows different combinations of columns in the Progress Notes grid. Show.

TimeAskedToArrive: Added to appointment table. Automatically calculated from patient.AskToArriveEarly field. Appt Edit.

Exam Sheets: A new sheet type to support exams, such as soft tissue exam, perio exam, new patient exam, etc. Radio buttons can now be used anywhere. Some fields can be marked as required by user. Security added to completed sheets. Exam Sheets.

Grouped Procedure Notes: One note can be entered and signed for multiple procedures. Group Note.

Commlog: Security added. Signatures supported. Commlog.

Minor Changes
OrthoPlex Bridge
Conditions now show on the TP in the graphical tooth chart image.
Sopro bridge.
Pt Info grid in Chart module implemented Display Fields, allowing users to show PatientFields in Chart module
Colored procedures on appointments and the option to show the previous date in parentheses.
Bridge to Pay Connect, an alternative to X-Charge for credit card payment integration. PayConnect.

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