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Version 6.7

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Version 6.7 was released on 10/14/09. It includes the following new features:

Account module: Now shows financial breakdown by procedure as an option to be printed on statements. Also optionally shows notes for payments and adjustments. Manage Module Preferences.

Insurance Benefits: Added categories for x-rays and for adjunctive services. Added tool to set all insurance categories to defaults. InsCatSetup. Overhauled ClaimProc edit window. Deductible is now always calculated before percentage. Deductible and annual max are now included in all the estimates. Claim Proc. The following are now included in calculations: fluoride age limit, simultaneous individual and family deductibles and maximums, ortho lifetime max, single procedure codes, and exclusions. Benefit Info.

eClinicalWorks: Checks to make sure admin password is blank before enabling bridge. Added option to show Images module. Commlog button now shows in Chart module. Chart module layout is changed to allow eCW right panel to be on the right. Allows both tight integration and standalone modes. Rx button launches eCW medication interface. eClinicalWorks.

Electronic Benefits and Eligibility: Use Claim Connect as your default clearinghouse. Sign up for their real-time services. Electronic Benefits.

Minor Changes:
Referral slip sheet added field for referral.phone2.
Sheet static text fields added: clinicDescription, clinicAddress, clinicPhone, dateToday, nameFLFormal, nameLF, dateTimeLastAppt, nameF, nameL, and age. Added checkbox to referral letter sheet and consent sheet. Sheets.
The update service now allows use of web proxy. Update.
Choose database window now hides the password. Choose Database.
Deductibles are now always subtracted before percentage. Claim Proc.
Renew month added to insurance plans. Benefit Info.
Insurance plan benefit adjustment can be deleted. Ins Plan.

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