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Version 6.5

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Version 6.5 Was released on 5/17/09

Electronic Billing: Instead of printing statements, upload them to the billing service which prints and mails them. E-Bills.

Conditions: This is another status for procedures. It allows charting of caries, etc without having to chart planned treatment.

Preauth Estimate Entry: When preauthorizations come back, there is a new window to enter the estimates. The numbers will flow into the existing treatment plans.

Bridge to eClinicalWorks:eClinicalWorks.

Aging Calculation: nearly instantaneous now.

Minor Changes:
Easy Options window name changed to "Show Features". Show Features.
Medical fields can be hidden. Show Features.
Site box in patient edit window now has dropdown completion as user types. Sites.
Responsible party field picker uses family members first. Public Health.
Billing "Exclude if insurance pending" now excludes even if claim estimate is zero. Billing.
Sheets multiline text rendering overhauled for more accurate layout of line spacing. Sheets.
Added option to ignore walkout statements when calculating dates for monthly billing. Billing.

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