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Version 6.3

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Version 6.3 was released on 1/23/09.

ASAP List: A list of appointments for patients available on short notice. ASAP List.

Sheets: Signature box added. Stylus or Topaz may be used. New sheet type for consent forms. Sheets. Consent Forms.

Letters: Quick letters moved over to the Sheets framework, allowing much more control and use of static images. This also replaces the stationery feature. Letters are now archived. Includes both patient letters and referral letters. Patient Letters, Referral Letters.

Mobile Version: A program has been built for the Windows Mobile Pro platform. Synchronizing functionality has been added to the main program. Includes viewing of appointments and patients. Mobile Sync Setup.

Option to handle blank co-pay fee schedule entries as zeros. Insurance Plan Types.
Changes to statement for Australia.

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