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Version 6.2

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Version 6.2 was released on 1/6/09.

Security: Global closeout date to prevent backdating procedures, adjustments, patient payments, and insurance payments. Permission types added for insurance payment create and edit. Audit trail includes these new permission types. Security.

Responsible Party: This is a public health field used to track the person responsible for medical decisions in a nursing home. Field added to the patient table and to the treatplan table. All saved treatment plans have this field available. Public Health.

Letter Merge: Added some new fields: TPResponsPartyNameFL, TPResponsPartyAddress, TPResponsPartyCityStZip, SiteDescription, DateOfLastSavedTP, DateRecallDue, CarrierName, CarrierAddress, CarrierCityStZip, SubscriberNameFL, SubscriberID, and NextSchedAppt. LetterMerge.

Accounting Reports: The General Ledger and Balance Sheet can now be selected by date range. Accounting.

Payment Report: Filter by type. Daily Payments Report.

Minor changes:
Payment plans on statements now show the remaining balance amount.
Rx date can now be with spelled out month, like Oct 29, 2008.
Setting appointments complete from Chart module now requires verification.
Account module orders by tooth number.

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