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Version 6.0

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Version 6.0 Released on 10/17/08.

Tooth Chart Drawing: Freehand drawing on top of the 3D (or 2D) tooth chart. Includes eraser, color pickers, and color changer. Chart Drawing.

Multiple Recall Types: Distinguishes between prophy and perio. Tracks due dates for BW, pano, FMX, etc. Can add other types, also. Endo followup for example. Displays due dates in highly visible manner on main screen of Family module. Recall Types.

Recall E-mail: Bulk sending of recall e-mails. Recall List.

Lab Cases: List now shows all incomplete lab cases rather than a date range. Can right click to jump straight to appointment. Lab Cases.

Appointment Times: New fields to track TimeArrived, TimeSeated (in op), and TimeDismissed. List of patients in waiting room shows at lower right of Appointments module along with the amount of time they've been waiting. Appointment Edit, Time Tracking section.

Payment Plans: Previous assumption was that the treatment had already been done. Payment plans have now been enhanced to easily handle situations where work has not yet been complete or has been partially completed. Payment Plan.

Recall statuses now change automatically after sending postcards or email. Recall List.
Bridge to Dolphin Imaging. Dolphin.
Referrals in Family module now has a background color to help with visibility.
Routing slip font size increased.
Chart module quick add buttons: amalgams can be hidden. Chart Module Preferences.
Practice info added to top of perio printout.

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