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Version 5.3

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Released on 11/19/07

PPOs: Added "PPO Percentage" as an insurance plan type. Now, PPO calculations are more intuitive and more inline with the expectations of offices. The full fee is presented and a writeoff can handle the difference. Includes two PPO writeoff reports. PPOs.

Referrals: Added fields for notes and status. Interface moved to its own window. Referrals.

Posterior Composites: Every procedure code has a place to specify the standard insurance substitute code. For instance, in the case of a posterior composite on a molar, you can enter the code for the similar amalgam, and the insurance estimate will be based on the substitute code. This would also work for FGC second molar substitutions. Procedure Code Edit.

Multiple default procedure notes: Each provider can set up their own default note for each procedure. Each provider can also set their own default time pattern for each procedure. Procedure Code Edit.

Deductible Before Percentage: Each ins plan now has a checkbox for applying deductible before percentage. There is a global default as well. Deductibles.

Family Deductible: Insurance plans can now have family deductibles and maximums in addition to individual deductibles and maximums. Benefits.

Commlog: Added extra fields and more options. Added button in Chart module. Times now visible. Entries for entire family are now visible from each patient. Types are customizable. Commlog.

Replication: For users with daisy chain circular replication, added a tool to force synchronization of servers. Daisychain Replication.

Display Fields: Only for Chart module Progress Notes for now. Users can select which columns show, what order they are in, how wide each column is, and the text that shows as the title for each column. The titles may be in any foreign language as well. If this feature works well and becomes popular, it will be extended to many other grids and lists in the program. For example, this same mechanism would let users choose which patient fields show at the lower left of the Chart module or which columns show in the Select Patient window. Display Fields.

Providers on procedures of incomplete appointments now stay synched with the providers of the appointments. This helps the P&I report correctly show scheduled Tx.
Select Patient window has a wider PatNum column.

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