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Version 5.0

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Released on 8/7/07

ADA 2006 Claimform: No longer requires preprinted claim forms. The background prints at the same time as the data.

Appointment Week View: View week at a time instead of just a day at a time in the Appointments module.

Suni Sensor: Direct support for the sensor without having to use any other software. Supported series are: 1200, 1200C, 1600, 1800. #1 & #2 hi res are the only supported sensors.

Images Module: 4BW series mounting- only works with the new Suni sensor capture.

Credit Card Processing: Integrated credit card processor with swipe terminal. Uses x-charge.com

Dental School Providers/Users: The provider list can now be viewed by class alphabetically. The user list can be be viewed by class.

Users: Providers can now be correlated with Users. Users can be automatically generated in bulk after creating providers. Users can be filtered by provider vs employee. User management is easier for large numbers of users.

Dental School Requirements: Added tables and functionality to track requirements. This allows the instructors to track requirements completed for each student, as well as the date, patient, and appointment that they were completed on.

Reports: Reports moved to a window where they can be organized better. There will be room for more reports there, and maybe we can start moving towards more complex reporting options.

Trojan: InsPlans window, added search by Trojan ID and column for TrojanID. Double clicking on a plan in the list now shows TrojanID inside. Fee schedules are imported. (managed care fee schedules still not handled appropriately).

Employee schedules listed at lower right of Appointment module.
When many identical plans, speed should be much better after editing a plan.
Accounting now stays perfectly synched when patient payments are edited.
If using random primary keys, the collisions in the referattach table have been eliminated.

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