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Version 4.9

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Released 6/12/07

Provider Schedules: Complete overhaul of user interface for entering schedules. Multiple providers and employees can now be easily set at once. Many new cut-copy-paste features. Elimination of defaults. Any schedule easily supported, including literally any type of alternating schedule.

Blockouts: Elimination of defaults. Many new cut-copy-paste features, allowing very fast manipulation of blockouts.

Lab Cases: Lab cases were previously just a flag on an appointment. They have now been separated out into their own table. Lab cases are visible directly in the Chart module progress notes in addition to being attached to appointments. Each lab can be set up with its own turnaround times on each procedure type. Due dates are calculated automatically, taking into account holidays.

Appointment Bubbles: When you hover over any appointment, you now get a popup bubble that includes lots of appointment and patient info, including patient picture.

Referrals: Labels, email, and quick letters to referral sources regarding individual patients.

ADA 2006 Claimform: Automatically gets installed without having to perform a separate download. Does not yet include a background image.

Appointments visible in progress notes with many color options.
Security added to block viewing of general accounting section.
Global lock on general accounting entries before a certain date, for year end.
Accounting transaction window now shows reconcile date.
Bill printing no longer makes "Statement Sent" entries until confirmed by user.

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